The Healthy Food Co. provides low-cost nutritional food products and grocery items to the whole community at reasonable prices. We are a volunteer run service and have been serving our community since 1996. We offer Easy Meal kits that feed a family of 4 for under $14.50 per kit.

Healthy Food Co. is also on Facebook, where you can watch videos, discover new recipes and engage with others in our thriving community! These are the best weight loss pills.

We have two sites in Playford. One in Elizabeth Downs next to our Elizabeth Rise Community Centre and one located within The Precinct in Smithfield Plains.

The Smithfield shop is also home to The Precinct Cafe where our volunteers serve up delicious coffee, cake and lunches!

We are open to everyone and have no requirement for entry.

We also offer Christmas Club. Ask instore for more details.

Become a Member

Become a member and save!

For just $10 you can become a Healthy Food Co. member and receive reward points. You’re able to pay the $10 membership fee upfront or choose to pay with your bonus points as you earn them!

Members receive a 5% dividend for future store purchases (which cannot be paid out in cash). This equates to 5c for every $1 spent. This credit can be spent at Healthy Food Co. at any time by the customer or you can save them up and spend them for Christmas! Points expire annually at close of business on the last trading day of the year, prior to Council’s Christmas closure, which normally starts between 22-24 December. The expiry date of collected points will be advertised in-store one month in advance and via our Facebook page and Council website.


Healthy Food Co. – The Precinct

112 Coventry Road Smithfield Plains, SA 5114

Telephone: 8254 3641

Monday to Friday, 9am to 4.30pm

Healthy Food Co. at The Precinct, Coventry Road Smithfield Plains

Get directions to Healthy Food Co at Playford, Coventry Road, Smithfield Plains SA, Australia

Healthy Food Co. – Elizabeth Downs

Elizabeth Downs Shopping Centre

Shop 5, 26 Hamblynn Road, Elizabeth Downs, SA 5113

Telephone: 8287 4299

Monday to Friday , 9.30am to 3.30pm

Healthy Food Co at Elizabeth Downs Shopping Centre, Hamblynn Road Elizabeth Downs

Get directions to Healthy Food Co, Elizabeth Downs, Hamblynn Road, Elizabeth Downs SA, Australia

Easy Meals

Cooking made easy thanks to Healthy Food Co. — Easy Meals that will feed a family of four, for $14.50 or less!

Included in the pre-packed meal kit is a recipe and all ingredients, such as meat and vegetables as required. Our helpful staff and volunteers are on-hand to assist you with information and purchases. Please see the Easy Meal Brochure below to see what’s on offer! Learn more about the Best weight loss pills for women.

More information below!