Ways Digital Asset Management Tools Improve Content Production

Digital asset management (DAM) tools help streamline and speed up content production for marketers, designers, and local affiliates.

When marketers create branded assets, such as images and videos, they can upload them to a digital asset management software for distributed use across local business sites. Affiliates now have access to pre-approved assets for their local campaigns, streamlining the content production process.

Content production is incredibly important for any marketing campaign, and digital asset management tools can help improve this cycle in many ways.


1) Increase Efficiency

Marketers replying to trending news need to get the word out quickly to maintain relevance. For companies that have hundreds or even thousands of franchises, digital asset management tools help to store and distribute approved files across all locations.

Even when not in a time crunch, these tools increase efficiency, allowing each marketer to locate exact records needed and with ease. No more waiting for one-off design requests or approval from corporate!

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2) Automate Content Workflows

Instead of back and forth emails, digital asset management tools can streamline and automate the content creation and distribution process. Once a marketer at corporate creates an asset and uploads it to the tool, all franchise-level marketers can automatically access and distribute the new asset. There is no confusion and no emails necessary.

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3) Deliver Consistent Messaging

Marketers at corporate want to control the message and content distribution at franchise levels. This can prove difficult without corporate marketers wasting hours on back and forth emails to constantly approve content.

Digital asset management tools distribute content such as press releases, media kits, flyers, etc. so that marketers can deliver consistent messaging in regional and local campaigns.

4) Mobile Friendliness and Flexibility

DAM tools are mobile friendly, so marketers with limited time can still use them when they’re away from their desk. Whether stuck in traffic or waiting for a train, marketers can access the tool to post content or review articles, no matter where they are.

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5) Keep Content Safe

Especially for content under embargo or sensitive material, security is crucial for any business. Digital asset management tools keep content secure and away from the public eye, while marketers make final copy changes. When your content is secure, you can avoid hiccups in the production stages when content and files are constantly being shared with internal team members.